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We have completed our first Christian game, Words of Light!

The world is a dark place, and it's your job to bring the light. Race against the clock to light the lamps by answering Bible trivia questions in this cross between a trivia game and hangman.  Bonus levels challenge you with word search puzzles and mixed up words that you must unscramble before time runs out.

Are you up to the challenge? Can you bring the light of God's word to a dark world?

Testimonials and Reviews
"90% -- If you like word and trivia games, then you’ll love Words of Light. The game is lots of fun, and with an asking price of $14.95, you get your money’s worth." Read the full review at Christ-Centered Game Reviews (CCGR.org).

"10/10 -- The $14.95 price tag is well worth every cent for this game will provide hours of challenges even for those who know their bible well. ... Hours and hours of fun..."  Read the full review at GamePraise.net



Ensnare is a strategy board game that pits you against another player or a computer opponent. Try to ensnare your opponent by leaving no available moves. Play in one of six unique game environments: standard board game, undersea, outer space, the old west, ancient egypt, and a south american jungle.

The game is suitable for ages 7 and up, but with three levels of difficulty, the computer can give even the smartest adults a mental workout.

Testimonials and Reviews
"Do not be deceived by the simple graphics. Ensnare is a fun board game for the whole family. We had a good time playing this game with the kids." Game du Jour

The demo version is limited to 15 uses. But for only $5.00, you can play as often as you like.



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